A key part of our work is developing lasting relationships with our clients based on trust and mutual respect.

Embarking on any remodeling project can be daunting. Kolcinski Design Build seeks to put home owners at ease, and to make this process as enjoyable and minimally intrusive as possible. From initial contact through project completion KDB takes a comprehensive, creative, and collaborative approach to the design and build process.

  • Initial Consultation and Needs Assessment: Usually a first phone call, we discuss your project, timelines, and we ask you to consider your available budget. The goal of this conversation is to determine if KDB is a good potential fit, and if so, to schedule a site visit.
  • Initial Site Visit: Depending on the size and scope of the project, this may take 30 minutes up to 2 hours. We visit the site to discuss the project in detail and evaluate the existing conditions of the home. We further discuss specifications and budget, seeking to bring the project into focus. It is essential that all parties involved in the decision making be present at this initial site visit. The goal of this meeting is to formulate preliminary specifications, set a preliminary budget or budget range, discuss different scheduling options, and decide whether to move forward with a formal Design and Planning Agreement.
  • Design and Planning Agreement (DPA): The DPA is a formal contract agreement. It outlines KDB’s estimated time investment at a fixed price, varying with the size and complexity of the project, required to bring the project approx. 75% of the way to construction readiness. It requires an investment of the client’s time, as well, in order to clarify design issues, consider fixture and finish selection, and thoroughly think through the project with the contractor. This process may involve drafting preliminary plans, conducting site visits with trade contractors, and/or documenting detailed construction specifications. In my experience and opinion, every hour spent in thoughtful pre-construction design can save days or weeks during the construction phase. There is simply no substitute for good and thorough planning. The goal of this phase is to produce preliminary drawings, detailed construction specifications, a solid budget estimate, and preliminary construction schedules.
  • Construction Contract: This is the point at which the DPA is transitioned to a formal contract for a remodeling project. Additional design and planning time is allowed for as required to prepare and finalize the required construction drawings and documents, as well as expediting the myriad details required to get the project in motion. KDB is involved in the supervision, management, and direction of the construction process at all phases, from the time the first worker sets foot on your property, until the last punch list item is completed.

Kolcinski Design Build is a licensed and insured contractor, and conducts business only with other equally qualified companies.

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