Kolcinski Design Build is committed to using a sustainable or “green” approach to remodeling wherever possible.

Whether installing new high efficiency mechanical systems, reusing existing building materials, or simply minimizing waste through careful planning and preparation, the goal of green remodeling is to create high quality, durable, healthy, and sustainably built homes with reduced energy usage costs, and reduced negative impacts on one’s community and our world.

Every project and budget has room for at least some sustainable building techniques and products. KDB will work with you to help identify your level of interest and commitment, and to help formulate your project’s sustainable building strategy.

A recommended component of implementing a significant green remodel or energy improvement is pre- and post-construction evaluations and third-party certification. To that end KDB participates in the Minnesota GreenStar program. MNGS is a green building standards and certification program specific to the Minnesota climate, in which pre- and post-construction analysis and independent third-party certification is integral.

We encourage homeowners to get involved in the process of researching and educating themselves about sustainable remodeling techniques and products with green attributes. To that end, here are several links to get interested parties started in the right direction:

Minnesota GreenStar
Green Institute
United States Green Building Council (USGBC)
USGBC The Green Home Guide
Natural Built Home
Energy Star
Green Seal

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